The idea behind the rack

The GastroRack is the result of inventor Carl Christian Bach's mission: an easier way to cook and clean one of the most popular utensils in Danish cuisine - the grill rack.

Carl Christian Bach is an inventor with a multi-faceted background as a plumber, a blacksmith, a construction designer,
a vocational school teacher, a boat builder, a balloon skipper and even a food artist.

His invention is actually 20 years old! And in collaboration with Morten Ladefoged, the GastroRack has been given new life in 2021, where many have started to focus more on cooking and quality, as well as reducing time spent on cleaning.

Tired of impossible and time-consuming cleaning after a deliciously prepared meal, Carl Christian Bach decided to bend the rack in one seamless stainless steel piece to make cleaning easier and ensure the food did not burn onto it.

The 6 mm surgical stainless steel rack is well-thought-out and leaves no burnt food remains. Believe it or not, cleaning takes less than a minute - all you need is a damp cloth or sponge to wipe the rack, which is shaped to provide ample space to work around. Just try it for yourself!

And if any stubborn baked-on grease still remains on the steel, simply use a steel wool sponge to get rid of it – the rack can easily withstand it.


You can also look forward to additions to the GastroRack line, as we have several versions on the drawing board for both the private and the professional kitchen.

Approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

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