Using the GastroRack

GastroRack can be used everywhere, in the oven, on the barbecue or over open fire - directly onto heat or in an ovenproof dish – the only limit is your imagination.

Cleaning the GastroRack 1

The GastroRack was designed because its inventor Carl Christian Bach was tired of impossible and time-consuming cleaning after a deliciously prepared meal.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to clean the GastroRack

Cleaning the GastroRack 2

GastroRack 2 has been designed so that you can make the most of your oven space.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to clean the GastroRack

In the oven

When cooking at home, you can use the GastroRack in an ovenproof dish. Put your roast, fish or chicken on the rack and place potatoes and vegetables underneath, so your meat can drip onto them for added flavour.

The GastroRack is made of surgical stainless steel

You can safely place your food directly on the stainless steel rack as the GastroRack has been treated so it does not emit toxic fumes.

It retains heat optimally and has practical handles on the sides. Remember to protect your hands by using barbecue gloves or other heat protection.

Use the GastroRack on your barbecue

When barbecuing at home, you often have a grill grate that comes with the barbecue you have chosen. By putting your stainless steel GastroRack on top of the original grill grate, you can place your food a level higher above the heat to get the most out of your meat and vegetables. In fact, you can stack several GastroRack with meat, fish and vegetables to separate the food and thus cook different types of food at different temperatures.

The added advantage is that GastroRack is really easy to clean compared to standard grill racks.

GastroRack can be turned on way or the other

Once you are ready to cook your vegetables, fish or meat, you can often face a challenge – how do I make space for it all so I can enjoy everything at the same time?

With GastroRack you have several options. It can be turned one way so that the food is closer to the heat or turned the other way so that the food is a little further from the heat. You can also cook vegetables or potatoes in a dish placed underneath the rack, while the meat is on top and adds flavour.

Bring the GastroRack on trips

Many of us like to enjoy the summer outdoors, whether at the beach, in the woods or overnight camping.

The GastroRack does not take up much space in a bag and is easily cleaned before you pack it again. You can make meat, fish, chicken and corn on the GastroRack. Bring a foil tray to cook potatoes or vegetables underneath the meat.

Ever experience having spent hours slicing and chopping and organising your food into small containers? Then when you get to your destination there is no grill rack or it is dirty with baked-on grease and crusted with old food.

The GastroRack is your perfect utensil to bring along without having to worry about the conditions at your destination – and if the only option is a fireplace you will avoid ashes in your food.

Use the GastroRack with your disposable grill

There is nothing quite so disappointing as the taste of meat that has been grilled too close to the charcoal briquettes.

With the GastroRack you can place the rack on top of your disposable grill to allow a little space from the briquettes and achieve a much tastier result.

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